Smackdowns, Boots and Hexagons, and the Future of the Human Race

Posted by Keith Wallace

Tomorrow evening, the Wine School‘s resident Italian-wine expert, and I will do battle in a Smackdown for the ages. Planetary polarity may shift. Weather patterns could run amok. Children and grown men may very well weep. Indeed, the amount of energy generated by the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider will, in all likelihood, pale next to the element-shifting vino-passions unleashed on May 12th.

Or, you know, it could just be a tie.

Either way, things should get interesting: The rules this time are a bit different than they have been in the past. The menu includes two vaguely Italian courses and two kinda-French ones. And for the pairings, Frank is only allowed to use Italian wines, whereas I’ll be limited to those of l’hexagone. Strategy, as well as a real sense of creativity, will be crucial. For there is much more at stake here than the thrill of victory.

This time, nothing less than pride itself is on the line. And, perhaps, the future of the human race. (Vive la France!)

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