Rocca Normanna 2007 “Le Sciare” Primitivo

Posted by Keith Wallace

Sometimes you’ll hear a sommelier describe a wine as having “good juice and not be quite sure what that means. Cantine Due Palme’s “Le Sciare” provides an answer. Primitivo is so named not due to any feral, rough qualities but because the Benedictines who cultivated it noticed it as the first, or primo, grape to be harvested, usually by the third week of September.

This version is direct and uncomplicated but not in any way a listless all-flavor-no-character wine. Scents of currants, dark cherries and blackberries with spicy highlights follow through on a concentrated texture of mouthfilling, jammy fruitiness with loads of good juice – a balancing acidity and soft tannins.

“Le Sciare” is the bottle you open for those who still are uncertain of Italian wines, a modern expression that never loses sight of its territorio.

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