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Posted by Keith Wallace

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Wine Reviews

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Domaine du Cayron Gigondas

Spending over S30 may seem like a lot to pay for a Southern Rhone bottling that’s not Chateauneuf-du-Pape (although those tend to be far more these days…), but this one is worth it and then some. Its rich fruit makes it excellent on its own, and its Mediterranean-y spiciness screams out for food.

Chateau Reynella Cellar No. One Shiraz Reserve

Chateau Reynella produces one of our favorite Australian Tawnies, and now, with this deep, dramatic Shiraz, they’ve won us over with their dry juice, too. Some producers, it seems, have the magic touch no matter what they make.

Casa de la Ermita Dulce Monastrell

We’ve tried, but it turns out that the adage is true: Man cannot live on Port and Sauternes alone. Luckily, this unexpected sticky from Spain is here to save the (holi)day. From fruit cake to an after-dinner cheese course to alone in the living room, this one is perfect after everyone else is asleep no matter what the situation.

Luce “Luce della Vite “

‘Tis the season for the LCB, as it has in recent years, to make splits of Luce available at frankly incredibly prices. The ’01, in 375ml, at least, is a mature, addictive beauty with subtle fruit notes and enough bottle-age aromatics to justify twice the price.

Langlois NV Cremant de Loire

We’ve mentioned this sparkler before, but it seems especially relevant this time of year when too many people spend too much money on name-brand bubblies that deliver a fraction of what their price tag implies. However, this one is just right: Fresh, food-friendly, slightly exotic, and budget-friendly.

Huber Gruner Veltliner

Celebrating Christmas with a traditional “Feast of the Seven Fishes?” Or Hanukkah with some classic potato latkes and sour cream or apple sauce? If so, this is the wine for the big family gathering: Crisp, bright, light on its feet, and a good value.

Disznoko Tokaji Dry Furmint

Unusual? Absolutely. But this is a wine that should be far more well-known than it is. For the time being, though, take advantage of the disparity between the low price and the quality (stone fruit, great presence on the palate, capable of handling richer preparations at the table).

Vinicola del Priorat Priorat “Onix Classic”

We first sampled a different vintage of this wine at a charming restaurant in Priorat during our 2008 school trip to the region. Since then, we’ve been loyal fans of this spectacularly priced Priorat that offers all the minerality you’d expect from the region alongside a drinkable-on-its-own sense of fruit that pretty much guarantees a bottle per person will be necessary at dinner.

Old News

This newsletter was originally published a LONG time ago (December 2009!), which was an exciting time for the school. We were still located in the Fairmount neighborhood, and things were going to change dramatically (in a very good way) for the school in the next few years.

I’ve left our announcements here for posterity.


Oh boy, the story continues….. my interview on NPR has caused a major stir in the wine industry. Many people are upset with me for revealing industry secrets, including the publisher of a national wine magazine and a major West Coast newspaper. More on that later. At the end of the day, my talking out is good for the wine world. At the end of the day, they need our graduates, so they will have to take a bit of the medicine, too.

Wine Dinner

I have joined up with Luca Garutti, the chef at the Italian bistro across from the Wine School, to offer a fantastic and very affordable night out, A Four-Course Dinner, and an Italian Wine Class for less than $52!

If this is popular, we are going to offer this package once or twice a month. For the first dinner and class, we are featuring the cuisine and wines of Milan and Lombardy. Read on for more details.

The Facebook for Wine Lovers and Professionals!

I am developing a new social network for wine lovers, wine professionals, and wine companies. It is a personal project of mine (it’s not part of the Wine School) and will offer all the elements of a social website, plus wine job postings, wine event listings, and much more to its members.

Right now, the project is in super-extra-secret-beta right now, but you can check it out here:: Anyone signing up for an account will be part of our “Beta Tester” group and will be granted special privileges and bonuses once we go live. Sign up here.


Sheetz, the PA-based convenience store chain, is continuing its fight to modernize beer laws here. They have just started an online petition in hopes of swaying Harrisburg’s opinion. Give them credit for fighting on when everyone else has given up.


Want to dress up as Santa and drink copious amounts of beer? Would you like to do such and remain out of jail? You are in luck. On December 12th, the global SantaCon is coming to Philadelphia. Make sure to keep the kids at home, unless you want to scar them for life.

Wine Lover’s Companion

It’s official: I am a contributor to Barron’s 2010 edition of the Wine Lover’s Companion. I am also currently writing a book on food and wine for Running Press. Plus, wine reviews.

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