La Ca’ Nova 2007 “Bric Mentina” Barbaresco

Posted by Keith Wallace

A brilliantly crafted Barbaresco. Bric Mentina is an estate bottling from this excellent producer and pushes me to be a bit more poetic than I can usually muster.

This Barbaresco has a Buddha-like simplicity, yet

it also holds a rich earthen depth. On the surface,

this Nebbiolo-based wine radiates fresh cherry, strawberry,

and persimmon;  Underneath, it spools into gravel, underbrush

and long- burnt trees. Aromas of  roses and chrysanthemum rise

upwards, and a whiff  of something more, something

not quite corporeal. 

Yeah, I said I was going to hit you with poetry. Didn’t say it was going to rhyme. Or be any good.

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