Summers 2005 Charbono, Napa Valley

Posted by Keith Wallace

Yes, the mercury has risen, the muggies are threatening, and the food most of us crave has likely become lighter. So why extol the virtues of a wine of only moderate acidity, low tannin, and pronounced, round fruit?

Because it’s good. Really good. And that’s why you drink wine in the first place, right?

I was recently reminded of why I love this grape so much upon opening a bottle of the Summers 2005 Charbono from California’s Napa Valley. This is a wine of gorgeous lush berry fruit, a texture more akin to the velvet of something with far more bottle age than one with only three years on it, and a subtle sense of mushroomy earth underlying it all that gives it a sense of depth and demands another sip. And another. And then another.

And why not? It’s summertime, after all.

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