Austrian Wine Reviews

Posted by Keith Wallace

Wieninger Wiener Gemischter Satz

This young Viennese wine is as crisp and clean as a traditional Viennese Waltz. It blooms with elegant green apple flesh, lavender, and thyme. The vibrant acidity balances with a long finish which brightens with hints of mineral and wood. Cool Viennese climates lead this modern-style wine that thrives with any light seafood dinner. The blend of grape varietals used makes this a curious wine that is enticing to any wine lover.

Vino Z Czech “Galant” Welschriesling

“Galant” is the perfect name for this evocative, dry, modern beauty with a golden richness and salty honey glow. The toasted fall spices bring out smoky earth tones, a testament to the rich soils of the lesser-known Dubova terroir. Underlying touches of orange and apple blossom enhanced by white pepper spices carefully transform this lip-smacking sweetness. The balance of acid and body make this a zippy wine to drink year-round. The long finish drives home the time-honored traditions of the Czech winemakers.

Royal Tokaji Furmint

This wine’s floral and fruity combination shows distinctive aromas of apricot, orange peel, toasted almonds, and nutmeg. Its sleekness is not overwhelmingly sweet and has hints of oak and vanilla mid-palate. Accompanying the dense and exciting contrasts in this bottle is a balanced structure. The racy, smoky tobacco walks a fine line between dirty and sex offenders. This modern winemaker’s style gives way to an impeccable wine to drink on any fall afternoon.

Bastianich Adriatico

This assertive and mouthwatering wine is fruit-forward with a bouquet of pears, peaches, and almonds: grassy fragrances and hints of malo blend well with the appealing blue cheese aroma. The crisp, clean texture includes bursting acidity; however, low body and high alcohol make this a very approachable wine for all palates. The cool air from the Adriatic Sea helps this modern wine take shape into bright beauty.

Petra Unger “Q” Zweigelt Rose

Take a trip to the tropics with this complex, once in a lifetime rose. A lean but chalky frame leads this wine to show bright acidity through a slight minerality fizz. The clean, fresh kiwi and green papaya are harmonious with its smoky bouquet. The light tannins impeccably spark this pale golden pink perfection in a bottle reminding you of your last trip to St. Johns. Taking rose’s to a new level, this truly is a light wine with an attitude!

Glatzer Blaufränkisch

This Blaufränkisch is lean and intense, like a Supermodel. There is so much caramel it’s ridiculous, but accompanied by dark fruit and green peppercorn makes this an iconic, food-friendly wine. The light tannins allow the exciting earthiness to thrive with the wood it was aged in. The alluring style of classic Austrian winemaking creates this versatile wine, an affordable option for any adventurous wine drinker.

Rosi Schuster Sankt Laurent

WOW, your guests with this peppery, herbaceous wine that pairs well with a rabbit casserole or stewed duck. The beautiful floral prettiness ushers out the extraordinary dark cherry and smoky notes. The deep ruby color and overall balanced structure are fun for all to drink and enjoy. The combination of power and elegance carefully transforms your mouth back to the Austrian countryside where the grapes were grown.

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