Nieto Senetiner 2012 Reserva Torrontes

Posted by Keith Wallace

Argentina Wine Review

Nieto Senetiner is an ancient winery by New World standards: it was founded over a century ago in the La Rioja region of Argentina. While their early work is lost to history, the past decade has shown consistent skills in winemaking. Their wines are a solid bet for interesting South American offerings.

This bottle makes the Torrontes varietal, known for its lush fruity and aromatic notes, really shine. While Torrentes typically has some oak influence, here we have a winemaker using stainless steel for fermentation and aging to great effect. The result is a successful medium-bodied white.

The nose exhibits a perfume of exotic fruit salad, wildflowers, Chinese five-spice, and lemon. On the palate, its ripeness shows just a whisp of fresh lemongrass and ginger.

A great bottle for Issan-style Thai curry or Chinese takeout .

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