Celebrate Our 200-Member Milestone!

Posted by Keith Wallace

The Wine School’s membership program just hit 200 people! This means discounts on classes and courses are jumping up to 20%! So now it’s time to help us hit 250 members -only $18.99 a month- which will unlock the 25% discount for all classes and courses. Be a rockstar and sign up today.

Wine Membership Program

Wine Club Benefits

As a member, discounts are not all you get; you enjoy fantastic free events and $1 last-minute classes. Plus, you get much more as our wine club grows!

Wine Events

Currently, we host two special members-only events every month. These include wine dinners, speakeasy nights, and wine club tastings. In addition, we offer $1 last-minute spots to our members whenever we have a last-minute opening. Last month, lucky members got tickets to our $100/person Luxury Paso Robles class for $1!

It’s not just free wine events to attend, though. We also hire exclusively from our rank of club members, including our wine event staff.

Membership Program

Concierge Services

The infographic shows that the more wine club members we have, the better it becomes. A personal favorite is our upcoming PRISOMM. This includes a private Substack-ish wine newsletter and concierge sommelier services. Want help buying a single bottle of wine for dinner or filling a whole wine cellar? No worries, we have you covered for free! Just need a phone call for some technical support? Not a problem. With PRISOMM, our member services are expanding exponentially.

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Boutique Wine School

Even more influential is the upcoming BWS, the Boutique Wine School. Once we hit 400 members, the wine school moves into a membership program model. Many of our top classes and wine programs will be available only to members. This will allow us to expand our in-depth programming and offer it at an incredible price. For example, a class on Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux wines would cost $200 per ticket if we offered it to the public. In a membership model, we would only charge $90 per ticket. This is an extreme example, but we are talking about tasting Chateau Margaux or even Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

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