Villa Cafaggio 2010 Chianti Classico

Posted by Keith Wallace

The winery dates back as far as the 14th Century. It was labeled the “Cahago,” the Tuscan term for a walled field. It was bought by the Farkas family in the 1960s and has gone through consecutive rounds of modernization and revitalization under their care. Four generations tilled the vineyards at this villa. However, the winery was bought in 2006 by La Vis, a winery cooperative. Despite that, quality levels have continued to rise.

A tight balance between rich earthen flavors and dynamic fruit notes intertwine; cedar and tobacco aroma echo through the nose. Added notes of allspice and fresh raspberry unfold on the palate, while fresh fruit and savory oak flavors add to a lustrous finish—an excellent bottle of Sangiovese.

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