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Posted by Keith Wallace

Eat it, New York! The top-ranked wine school in America is located in Philadelphia. So if you are a wine lover and want to expand your passion or even earn your sommelier pin, now is the time! If you want to save hundreds on tuition, join our membership program!

Sommelier Classes Philadelphia

More Sommelier Classes Philadelphia

All programs are certified by the National Wine School! Not sure? Take a look at these Wine School of Philadelphia Reviews! We also offer a wine school online program.

Accelerated Sommelier Wine Course

Earn your Sommelier Pin in a single week! A wine-intensive program that pours 45 years of collective experience into six days of educational bliss. This program made the Wine School of Philadelphia a powerhouse in the wine trade.

Not only is this a fantastic adventure into wine, but graduating students earn their L3 Sommelier certification and pin!

Advanced Sommelier Classes Philadelphia

Wine Instructor Training

Sommelier Classes Philadelphia

The teacher training program is a vital part of our Advanced Sommelier curriculum. It’s required for all students seeking their Le Maitre du Vin accreditation, commonly referred to as master sommelier certification.

This course goes far beyond simply teaching about wine. It gives you the core skills to flourish in any professional setting. University Professors and Fortune 500 CEOs even take this course. Our most successful graduates take this program.

Advanced Winemaking Certification

The highest-rated winemaking program available at a wine school! The only more advanced programs are university-accredited in California and those cost between $16K and 44K dollars/year!

Our winemaking program is a six-month program where you make wine from grapes (yes, actual grapes) which we truck in from the west coast. We have brought in Zinfandel from Lodi and Carmenere from Columbia Valley in previous years.

Students work in small teams to produce their barrel of red wine with the assistance of a Napa-trained winemaker.

Italian Wine Specialist™

Should we even mention our Advanced Italian Program? One of the most popular of our sommelier classes, this program only has six spots left, and it doesn’t start until January 2023! A tour-de-force of Italian wines and wine culture. This program goes far beyond the well-known wine regions and explores the back-roads that even master sommeliers haven’t explored.

Master in Wine™ Certification

The program is a student-centered exploration of the greatest wines in the world. This program features Bordeaux, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino, and Napa Valley.

Food & Wine Scholar™

The program takes what you learned in the L2 Foundation Program and expands those concepts into the food and wine pairing arena. You will learn how to use your sensory training to create pitch-perfect pairings for everyone. A fun and mind-bending program developed by the only university academic to ever work as both an executive chef and a professional winemaker.

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