Our Wine Club is now a Full-Fledged Membership Program

Posted by Keith Wallace

Want to be part of a vibrant wine community? Welcome home.

Back in the day, we charged $19/month for our wine club and offered a single monthly event. Over the years, it has grown into something extraordinary. As our membership ranks grew, I kept adding more and more benefits while keeping the price the same.

In fact, we’ve just added a few new ones this month!

  • Monthly Wine Club
  • Food & Wine Dinners
  • Free Online Classes
  • $20 off All Tasting Classes
  • $75 off All Sommelier Courses

Yes, this is a sweet deal: we only ask folks to remain a member for at least six months.

Membership & Wine Club

From Wine Club to School Membership

Our wine club was a hit from day one. When COVID hit, we pulled back on public classes, but we still hosted our wine club. For many, it was the only place they felt safe outside their own homes.

We shared some fantastic moments at a time when there was little joy in the outside world.

As the pandemic faded, we decided that we wanted to expand the wine club into something more. That is what is happening now. We are transitioning into a full-blown membership program with a wine club at its heart.

As a member of our wine club, you are also an official member of the Wine School of Philadelphia. Sweet, right?

Membership has its Advantages.

After taking classes and programs, what then? There has never been an easy way for people to stay connected to the school and their fellow students. We want to give them (well, you) a forever home here at the school.

Offering our alumni and like-minded souls a place to gather will be an incredible resource to all involved. Our future holds thousands of wine bottles. Hopefully, you’ll be there with us!

What’s Next for Our Members?

We are always chatting about ideas during wine club. So if you have any thoughts, let us know! Here are the ideas currently in development. Of course, not all will make it to the light of day, but we hope they do.

Private Wine Newsletter. We’ve published a newsletter for over 20 years, offering recommendations and best buys. It’s been a massive success with over 24K readers in the Philadelphia region. We are looking to expand it into a full-fledged monthly publication exclusive to our membership.

$1 Last-Minute Classes. We get last-minute cancellations, as all businesses do. So often, we open the class up for sale to the public. We may even post them on FaceBook, and there is usually someone who grabs those tickets.

This works great for us, but wouldn’t it be more fun if a wine club member got to come for a dollar? It’s always more fun to teach a class with a few beloved min the mix. I think it would be incredible for all involved.

Wine Trips to Europe. We used to offer trips to France, Italy, and Spain every year. They were a huge hit, but we had to stop about ten years ago. There are some hurdles to re-starting this program, but it will be exclusive to our members if we do.

Private Wine Events. We rarely allow private events at the Wine School, mainly because what we do is so unique. Therefore, we will not offer our wine cellar to anyone off the street. However, we are considering opening up the school for any member who wants to host an event here.

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