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On February 13th
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Ant Moore 2016

Ant Moore 2016 “Signature Series” Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough


Yeah, so Ant is the guy’s name. Short for Anthony. Yeah, that’s a thing. He’s one of those up-from-nothing and built a small wine empire kinda guys. He also is the kind of guy who buys a few acres of land in the middle of nowhere, clears the land with his own hands, plants some vineyards himself, tends to them, and then starts making wine there a decade later.

This is his personal brand, but he’s also behind the New Zealand wine brands Pear Tree, Catalina Sounds, Isabel Estate, and Crowded House, too. This is my favorite of all his projects.

This is classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, with a cut more depth and creativity. Exotic fruit, citrus and lemongrass on the nose with a dusting of sumac and fresh basil. Pumped up and alive, this is a fun and extracted bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.