Coopers Creek 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough (NZ)

Posted by Keith Wallace

A good price for a worthwhile bottle.

Coopers Creek is one of the founding wineries of New Zealand. It’s the winery that gave Kim Crawford his start as a winemaker. Unfortunately, it is also known for a bit of a scandal: In the late nineties, they used the same bottles for both high quality and low-quality wine. Predictably, the best stuff went to wine critics and wine competitions, with the low quality exported outside the country. That is one way to get a high rating.

That was long ago, and the winery has been working diligently to rebuild its reputation ever since.

Gracious and elegant, aromas of fresh sage and lime mingle with a whiff of fresh-cut chilies. On the palate, the sweet zest of an Asian pear edges into fresh grass and anise. The finish shows a touch of frizzante sweetness.

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