A good price for a worthwhile bottle.

Coopers Creek is one of the founding wineries of New Zealand. It’s the winery that gave Kim Crawford his start as a winemaker. Unfortunately, it is also known for a bit of a scandal: In the late nineties, they used the same bottles for both high quality and low quality wine. Predictably, the best stuff went to wine critics and wine competitions, with the low quality exported outside the country. That is one way to get a high rating.

That was long ago, and the winery has been working diligently to rebuild its reputation ever since. However, I still buy my review wines from my local PLCB shop, just to be sure.

Gracious and elegant, aromas of fresh sage and lime mingle with a whiff of fresh cut chilies. On the palate, the sweet zest of an asian pear edges into fresh grass and anise. The finish shows a touch of frizzante sweetness.