Petra 2010 “Ebo” Val di Cornia Suvereto

Posted by Keith Wallace

I reviewed the Petra 2008 Ebo a few months ago and came away very impressed.  The Ebo is an underdog in the Super Tuscan category but outperforms many wines that are two or three times its price. I needed to see if 2008 was a fluke. I am happy to report it wasn’t.

This vintage of Ebo is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with a splash of Sangiovese in the mix. Smoked currant and espresso on the nose, with a lethally awesome blend of lead and chocolate on the attack. A black fruit element shows volume and depth, followed by some wooden rosemary flavors that move into a crisp red cherry note.

This wine is drinking well now, but will evolve nicely over the next 2-8 years.

I would suggest grilled lamb chops with a simple stock reduction and mashed potatoes for a food pairing. A pork loin served with a rosemary and apple coulis would be perfect.  It’s a food-friendly wine, but I’d steer clear of Philly-style gravy with this one: these Tuscan wines don’t play well with tomato sauces.

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