Gordon Estate 2009 Syrah, Columbia Valley

Posted by Keith Wallace

Another winery has opted to change its name and cause great confusion in the marketplace. Gordon Brothers Winery, which has earned a large following over the past decade, has changed its name to Gordon Estate. I assume this has to do with one of the brothers no longer being involved in the winery, but do they have to change the name, logo, fonts, the label.. everything?

I only realized that this was the same winery was when I was tasting the wine and thinking to myself:   this is really good, but it tastes remarkably like another winery… what was their name? Yeah, the Gordon Brothers… wait… it can’t be… damn… I’m an idiot. 

I think the name change didn’t go over well, and they have to dump this otherwise awesome wine at a rock-bottom price. (There is a Wharton School project in there somewhere.)

The wine is immaculate, a great example of how Washington State is producing some of the best Syrah in the world today.  A core of fine tannin and dark fruit opens up into lavender-accented mocha and fresh cherries. A note of wet leaf, burnt oak, and allspice in the finish. A medium-bodied wine with good structure.

I will be drinking this with fresh gnocchi with a truffle-cream sauce. This will work with most dishes that feature a mushroom and cream sauce, including pasta.

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