Peachy Canyon 2008 Westside Zinfandel, Paso Robles

Posted by Keith Wallace

Paso Robles is a huge AVA, with over a half-million acres of vines. Huge wineries like  J. Lohr, Treana, and Meridian dominate the region. However, in the cooler hills on the westside of Paso, there are smaller treasures. Wineries like Tablas Creek Vineyard Terry Hoage Vineyard are at home there.

Peachy Canyon lives in both worths. A mid-sized winery that offers quality Red Zins at a reasonable price.  It’s one of my de facto go-to wineries for BBQ-friendly red wine. Their gungho fruit-bomb style is a perfect accompaniment to hot smoked pork shoulder.

Their Westside bottling is a winner every year. Since it’s from their cooler vineyards, it’s a bit more layered. This vintage is layered with sundried cherries and blackberries—a whiff of black pepper and a huge mouthful of glycerin.

PASO ROBLES in San Luis Obispo County was originally planted with vines in the late 18th century; the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County had a flourishing wine industry in pre-Prohibition times; Santa Barbara town itself was once dotted with vineyards. Yet both counties were virtually devoid of vines in the early 1960s; it was not until Estrella, in Paso Robles, and Firestone, in Santa Ynez Valley, established vineyards in 1972 that others followed.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review out Westside Zin, Keith! Words like “Their Westside bottling is a winner every year,” hit us right in our soft spots. :)

    It is true we live a little in both worlds: we’re a family owned and operated winery — you’d probably be shocked how few people can produce so much wine! — but we’re also the largest family-owned winery on the Westside of Paso Robles. While we do source some fruit from other local farmers, all of our estate vineyards (we have three active estate vineyards right now) are on the west side… what you describe as the “cooler hills,” and what is often referred to as the “Templeton gap.”

    The “fruit bomb” you’re referring to is likely our widest distributed Zin, the Incredible Red. Besides our Incredible Red and Westside Zins, we also produce 6 other more premium Zinfandels (if you’e interested, you can see them on our website here). They range from brambly and fruit-forward to elegant and spicy. We love the full potential of Paso terroir when it comes to growing Zin, and showing off its numerous different sides!



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