Feudi di San Gregorio 2007 Companaro

Posted by Keith Wallace

Since its origins in the ’80s, Feudi di San Gregorio has been one of the leaders in quality in southern Italy. Over the past few years, they have been ramping up the quantity, and for the most part, the wines haven’t suffered. It does mean that the pricing has softened, thanks to the general wine glut and the depressed economy.

This is a lush style of white wine, like a big fat Chardonnay.  The aroma is smoked mineral and peaches, and it’s full-bodied to the point it feels like honey and tastes like a ripe pear. It has the freshness to keep it interesting, though, and turns its richness to a tableau of sorts: a cornucopia of fresh fruit with a side of fruitcake.  There is an edge of earthiness and iron in the finish that makes this an exciting white wine.

I wouldn’t serve this with dinner, but it’s a fantastic wine to be enjoyed by itself.

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