Bridesmaid 2009 White, Napa Valley

Posted by Keith Wallace

Far too many white wines from Napa Valley don’t have the same level of sex appeal that the reds. That is not the problem here.  A classic Bordeaux blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, but this is a very modern style of wine.

The wine starts with aromas of toasted pine nuts and quince, with just a touch of sweet grass. There are only a few layers of flavor on the palate, but each of them is rich. The first is a honeyed layer of fruit that oscillates between honeydew and Georgia peach.  The next has the minerality of hot stones and the coolness of thick steel. Finally, the finish of freshly planted flowers and a touch of lemon zest unfolds long and lubriciously slow.

This wine is a joint project between two respected Napa winemakers: Pam Starr and Drew Neiman.  Pam is the former winemaker for Spottswood, and Drew was the winemaker for Kongsgaard. This wine is really about the art of the final, which both Pam and Drew are masters. They don’t grow the grapes or make the wine. Instead, they source high-quality barrels from other Napa producers and execute a final blend. It sounds simple, but it’s far from it.

About Napa Valley

Via Wikipedia. This AVA includes all of the counties, except for the area around Putah Creek and Lake Berryessa. The Napa Valley appellation is 25 miles (40 kilometers) long and between 12 and 8 and 10 miles (16 kilometers) wide and is sheltered by two parallel mountain ranges. The majority of vineyards occupy the flat valley floor in a continuous strip from Napa to Calistoga, although the slopes are also beginning to be cultivated. More Napa Valley wine reviews.

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