Vina Eguia 2007 Reserva Rioja

Posted by Keith Wallace

This is a classically structured wine and lovely Rioja.  Based in the Basque section of Rioja, the winery was founded in 1926 by winemaker Jose Murua. By the middle of the century, the winery was sold to an outside owner. In a moment that would make any dad proud, his son, Julian, repurchased the winery in 1982. He has been making classical Riojan wines ever since. The Vina Eguia Riserva is a wine that far surpasses its price point; I actually feel a bit guilty for paying so little for so much wine.

The aroma of tobacco and rose petals, with a bit of damp earth and clove. The fresh fruit comes across in high definition; in particular, fresh cherry and red raspberry. The bright fruit gracefully intertwines with mocha and Medjool date flavors.  Tannins are delicate and light and nicely balanced with vibrant acidity. The flavors flow into a harmonious ending. This is a wine that cries out for a roast leg of lamb with a bit of garlic and rosemary and perhaps a bit of roasted potato.

About Rioja

Via Wikipedia. Rioja is oaky, and all attempts to rid the wine of oak are doomed to failure. Oak is the basis of its fame and the reason it became Spain’s first and greatest red-wine success, and while critics who suggest that these wines are too oaky for today’s more sophisticated consumers may have a point, there is precious little left in most Rioja once you take away the oak. It was the French who originally blessed the wines of this region with their unmistakable sweet-vanilla oak identity. As early as the 18th century, a few enlightened Riojanos had looked to France, Bordeaux particularly, to improve their winemaking skills.  More Rioja reviews.

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