Bordeaux 2005 Vintage Retrospective

Posted by Keith Wallace

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Bordeaux Wine Reviews

No, we’re not trying to get all gloat-y. We really want to share our enthusiasm for the wines of Bordeaux. From the Right Bank to the Left, from St.-Estephe to Margaux, from the clay-rich soils of Pomerol to the gravelly ones of Graves, this is a region whose reputation has been well earned over the centuries. And right now, there are more than enough options on local shelves to satisfy your cravings for these wines…without having to suffer through airline food to get them.

Chateau Carbonnieux 2005, Graves

This consistently under-the-radar producer has turned out a series of stellar wines in recent years. Their 2005 is yet another success in a string of them, showing beautiful fruit, typical Bordeaux earth, and a price tag that’s a minor miracle given the vintage.

Chateau Carbonnieux 2005 Blanc, Graves

If you’ve never had white Bordeaux before, this is a great place to start. The Carbonnieux Blanc 05 is to Sauvignon Blanc as Pavarotti is to Britney Spears. Which is to say, pretty impressive, indeed.

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Chateau Laroque 2005, St.-Emilion

Again, not a cheap wine, but for 2005 from this producer, it’s not hard to justify. Especially once you consider the rich, dramatic fruit, big chocolate notes, and fabulous potential for evolution in the cellar.

Chateau Liot 2005, Sauternes

From perhaps the most famous sweet-wine region in the world comes this wildly affordable sticky. We’ve recommended it before and are unashamed to do so again. A drinkable, not-cloyingly sweet wine from Sauternes is always something to cheer about.

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Old Reviews

This was originally our May 2009 Newsletter, so these reviews are dated. You can check out our most recent reviews here: Wine Ratings.

No, not that one–thankfully, Christmastime (and all the not-so-charming Philadelphia weather that comes along with it) is a long way away. Rather, now is the time for rosé, the perfect wine for the warmer weather. The 2008’s are finally hitting shelves, just in time to chill us all down as we work our way into spring.

Turkey Flat Rosé 2008, Barossa Valley – Not your usual rosé blend, but the proof, year after year, is difficult to argue with. In fact, we recently opened up a bottle of 06 that still had life in it! Grenache, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Dolcetto. $16.99. Code: 27652.

Crios Rosé 2008, Mendoza – Buy half a case of this and just try to make it last through May. Yeah…good luck with that: I’ll likely be kicked by Memorial Day. Easy drinking, supply, fruity: Quintessential rosé from one of Argentina’s best. $10.99. Code:28961.

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E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone Rosé 2008 – For many of us, Southern France springs to mind when thoughts turn to rosé. And Guigal, one of the most reliable producers in the Rhone Valley, comes through with flying tri-colors with this bottling. Perfect with everything from bouillabaisse to hot dogs…or even on its own! $13.99. Code: 04884.

Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial Rosé, Champagne – Not, it’s not cheap. And no, you probably won’t be slurping down a case of it on your patio. But with grilled lamb chops it’s delicious, and if firing up the old bbq isn’t cause for celebration, then nothing is. $49.99. Code: 29453.

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