Matetic 2014 Corralillo Syrah, San Antonio Valley, Chile

Posted by Keith Wallace

Matetic 2014 Corralillo Syrah
Matetic 2014 Corralillo Syrah

Art vs Artists

I’ve never really cared much about an artist’s life. If their work inspires me, I don’t need to be weighted down with their ideas on religion or politics. I feel the same way about fellow artisans. If another chef or winemaker is making delicious things, I really don’t care if they are a libertarian or a Pastafarian. If they produce the goods, then pass the Parmesan.

Artistic Philosophy

Would an artist stop using the color blue if it was against his philosophy? It’s a silly question, but for us artisans, it really isn’t. Many of us have beliefs that change how we make things. A carpenter that doesn’t believe in using glue, a chef that believes all food should be local, a winemaker who believes in organic agriculture. The result may not be changed, but how we get there does.


At the end of the day, people will need to sit on, wear, eat, or drink our creations. If they don’t, we are out of a job. It’s impressive when a winemaker can stick to their philosophy and make great wine. That’s why I love bio-dynamic wines. Be awesome, you bio-dynamic horoscope-believing lunatics.

Wine Review

The Matetic is an organic-on-steroids bottle of Syrah from a sub-region of Casablanca on the Chilean coast. Aromas of fresh fig and beef jerky kick off the party. Textually, this bottle is dynamic—full-bodied, layered tannins with an edge of Sauvage. Smoked flavors roll into blackberry and a mineral-laced finish—an incredible value.

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