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New Study Pinpoints Health Benefits of Red Wine

Over the past few years, a handful of studies have been published drawing a link to drinking red wine and decreased morbidity rates. The organic compound cited in all studies was reservatrol.

“Reservatrol is a type of polyphenol that is found in the skin of wine grapes.” says Frank Cipparone  of the Wine School of Philadelphia. “These are the compounds that give red wine its color and many of its flavors.”

The plant compound seems to promote general health and prolong life, and is credited with combating cancer, obesity, and aging. This makes sense, since almost every study has shown that wine drinkers typically live longer than anyone else.  However, up until recently, how Reservatrol accomplished these feats was a mystery.

A new study published in  the scientific journal Cell Metabolism has revealed the inner workings of this compound. According to the researchers, Resveratrol positively increased the activity of mitochondria, which in turn bolstered cell energy. A specific gene, SIRT1, has been pin-pointed as the likely actor in this process.

The goal is to develop drugs that mimic the effect of reservatrol, since the current dosage in studies (with mice) is the equivalent of over 100 glasses of wine a day. A little much, even for folks like us.

Via the Daily Mail.

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