Domaine Pradelle 2010 “Courbis” Crozes-Hermitage

Posted by Keith Wallace

Very little of this wine is imported into the United States, and most of it ends up in the Philly-NYC corridor, which is fine by me.  It’s one of the great values of the Northern Rhone and shows very high-quality vintage to vintage.

Like all Northern Rhone wines, this is Syrah. And like all Northern Rhone wines, this isn’t the Syrah of your childhood. This isn’t big and fruity or a popgun shenanigan. It’s a marrow-sucking dip into the pleasure palace.

This is a wine that is rich and full while keeping its granite-like edge and muscular leanness. It’s a serious wine but offers plenty of enjoyment.  Bright, fresh cherry and rosemary flavors are followed with a cool eucalyptus note that wavers and falls into Belgian chocolate and grainy tannin.

For a pairing, I love this with braised rabbit and potatoes. A simple dish of sausage and fava beans is equally pleasurable with this bottle.

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