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Domaine Vetriccie 2017 White, Ile De Beaute

About Domaine VetriccieCorsica is an interesting place. It’s an Italian island off the coast of Tuscany, but it’s a French territory.  The province often seems like a hybrid between the two cultures. …

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Domaine Kuentz Bas 2014 Alsace Blanc

Domaine Kuentz-Bas 2014 Alsace Blanc

The Wine Critic’s DilemmaSometimes a wine review doesn’t start with the wine but how the writer discovered it.  Finding great wines at any price point would be impossible if I were …

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Domaine les Evigneaux

Domaine les Evigneaux 2015 Rasteau

The Algeria ConnectionAlgeria was once a part of the French Empire, and a lot of wine was grown there. When the country declared its independence, most of the winemakers headed to …

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Frontpage Hero for Wine School of Philadelphia

Domaine Durand 2011 Premices Cornas

Domaine Durand is an old family estate taken over by the dynamic duo of two brothers, Eric and Joel Durand, in 1991. It’s a small, 13-hectare property that straddles the wine …

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