If you are a grape junkie looking to score some top-grade Napa Cabernet, this is a bottle that will ease your pain.

If you haven’t experienced something like this before, allow me to offer a bit of an explanation. The high-end world of Napa Cabs is a place unto itself.  The wines have a dark density and velvety texture that is truly unique. It’s an alluring combination that exists only in this tiny bracket of the wine world.  And, sadly, you can’t visit here without dropping a C-Note for a bottle.

You can live your whole life without drinking one of these, and that is fine.  Once you do, though, it’s an addiction on par with cigarettes: you will crave these wines for ever after.

I don’t typically review such wines, but I am making an exception for this bottle. It’s less well-known, better priced, and of a higher quality than the majority of its peers. Frank Family Reserve is sourced from the Winston Hill Vineyards in the eastern slope of Napa’s Rutherford district. A single vineyard bottling, it’s aged in French oak for two years prior to release.

Medium to full bodied, aromas of classic Rutherford dust and eucalyptus  intermixed with cardamon and cigar box on the nose. Suave on the palate, with layers of dark fruit and  toasted spices. A beautiful richness follows into cassis, clove, and a hint of fresh grass and ocean air. Simply beautiful.