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Dear Wino,

I’m writing about a bottle of 1999 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild we have.  In the past we have had wines that we drank before they peaked and other wines we drank after they peaked.

It didn’t happen often but we would kick ourselves when it did happen. So I come to you, oh great wine guru, to see if you might have an idea as to when our 1999 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild might peak.  It’s been stored in a stone basement that stays pretty close to published ideal temperature and humidity.  Any help is appreciated.


Hey Laffy,

I am hesitant to give you a time frame. For one, no one has perfect storage -I have seen people with real wine cellars still store their wines incorrectly- so it is very likely that your wine won’t age as well as it would in a perfect year. Also, 99 was a rather poor year, and not one that ages particularly well…. for a Lafite.

That said, its a kick-ass bottle of wine –one of the best. In a perfect world, that wine would be coming of age just about now and would mature for another twenty years. Realistically, I would drink it within the next two-five years.

Also, be prepared for the worst.  The longer you hold a bottle, the greater the chance of spoilage. Make sure to have a back-up bottle in case your beloved wine turns to poop in the glass. What time do you want me over?


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