Alexander Valley Vineyards 2008 “Redemption” Zinfandel

Posted by Keith Wallace

If you drink Zin for its delightful complexity, you aren’t thinking straight. Zinfandel –despite its pink alter ego– is a major badass. This bottle is in keeping with such a reputation. Full-bodied and then some, this has dense black fruit that verges on the obscene. The black pepper notes turn smoky and dense with oak flavors. This is just a pure bundle of fun without a lick of seriousness. If you plan to fall away into a haze of bacchanalian rapture, this is the bottle to reach for.

About Zinfandel

This was once thought to be America’s only indigenous Vitis vinifera grape but was later positively identified by Dr. Carole Meredith as the Primitivo grape of southern Italy by Isozyme “fingerprinting,” a method of recording the unique pattern created by the molecular structure of enzymes found within specific varieties.  However, this led to a conundrum because the earliest records of Primitivo in Italy date from the late 19th century. In contrast, the Zinfandel name appears in the nursery catalog of William Prince of Long Island, dated 1830. For more, check out our Zinfandel reviews.

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