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Posted by Keith Wallace


Ulysses Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

This may seem like a lot of cash for a bottle of wine (and it is) but consider that it’s from the guy behind both Petrus and Dominus Estate. One of the greatest Cabs I have had in the past five years. Wine Rating: 97 Points

Tolaini Valdisanti

Another amazing Cabernet Sauvignon. This beauty hails from Tuscany, from a single vineyard just east of Sienna. Wine Rating: 93 Points.    

J Wilkes Pinot Noir

I am deeply impressed with the quality and value of Santa Maria Valley Pinots. Remember that movie Sideways? Yeah, we still do, too. Wine Rating: 91 Points     ‌

The Walls Syrah

Exceptional bottle From Red Mountain in Columbia Valley. We’ve been crushing on  Washington State wines for a while now.  This Syrah joins our list of top picks. Wine Rating: 91 Points

Quinta do Vallado Douro

A great small producer whose wine we have been pouring in wine classes for years. The first review was for the 2012 Reserva, and the 2011 vintage was a huge hit in our Wine Smarts class. Wine Rating: 90 Points‌     ‌

Marques de Toro Mencia

It’s hard not to love Mencia, the grape of a thousand faces but only one home. One of the essential Spanish grape varietals. This beautiful wine is worth picking up a case or two. Wine Rating: 90 Points


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