Vinos de Arganza 2015 “Seculo” Mencia, Bierzo

Posted by Keith Wallace

Vinos de Arganza 2015 "Seculo" Mencia, Bierzo
Vinos de Arganza 2015 “Seculo” Mencia, Bierzo

A small winery that has a laser-like focus on the Mencia grape. This is one of several they produce, much of whom have earned critical praise. These include the brands Flavium, Encanto, Legado De Farro, and Lagar De Robla.

The grape itself has a long history and thrives in the green northwest of Spain and Portugal (where it’s known as Jaen). It was (wrongly) believed to be the grandparent to Cabernet Sauvignon until DNA tests disproved that hypothesis. It’s an understandable enological mistake. Its structure, flavors, and aromas can easily be mistaken for the eldest member of Cab’s family tree: Cabernet Franc.

While some Mencia bottles go toward structure and rusticity, this one goes dark, round, and fun. Jammy fruit flavors and Hershey milk chocolate hit on the aroma and the palate. And there is plenty of oak-driven spices to tickle most people’s fancy. A soft note of juniper and sea smoke cools down into a delightful finish. This bottle absolutely crushes with grilled  Merguez-style lamb sausages.

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  1. I would like to order seculo wine but I can’t seem to find where to purchase it. I’m from P.R. and nobody distributes this brand here.


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