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If you’ve ever found yourself shopping for a wine-lover, you’ll know that it’s a lot harder than one might think. And with so many gifting options available, the last thing to buy as a gift is a simple supermarket wine.

So to help you with your shopping needs, we’ve rounded up the very best wine gifts that are sure to please all kinds of wine enthusiasts. Let us know if you have any other wine gift ideas in the comments below!

Wine Gift Ideas: Wine Glass
Glasses for Wine Tasting

Wine Glasses

With so many incredible shapes and sizes available, you can never really go wrong with a set of glasses. Whether they’re stemless, tasting glasses, flutes, giant goblets, or petite white wine glasses, the options are endless. Everyone knows that wine tastes better in a well-suited glass – so be sure to grab some special ones.

At the Wine School, we aren’t fans of super-fancy wine glasses. They won’t make your wine taste any better because their design is based on disproven and outdated theories of taste. We designed a sommelier-level wine tasting glass that is also dishwasher-safe. We designed them to use in wine classes, but there are also some great ones on Amazon.

Wine Books

A wine book can be used as the perfect gift for wine-newbies and connoisseurs alike. With hundreds of different wine topics out there, you can be sure of a perfect wine book as a gift. For newbies, grab a book that guides them through tastings or teaches them about different varieties. For connoisseurs, there is a range of expert books available to improve their knowledge. 

For the aspiring sommelier (or a student at the Wine School), we recommend two books, the Oxford Companion to Wine and the World Atlas of Wine. We also have a few signed copies of Corked & Forked, the bestselling food & wine book by Keith Wallace. We have an updated selection of recommended wine books. Check it out!

Cork Screw

One of the greatest things about our modern-day wine industry is the range of wine-opening devices. With corkscrews, specifically, the shapes, sizes, and capabilities of these openers are incredible. So, check out the selection of corkscrews available and grab something special for the perfect wine gift idea. As wine gift ideas go, this is top-notch. Everyone loves a new corkscrew!

The school offers its own corkscrew, which was designed for the wine trade. It’s reliable and good-looking. It’s our favorite, but if you want something a bit fancier, the Laguiole En Aubrac is awesome.

wine gift ideas

Wine Decanters

Let’s face it; few things can beat the beauty of a decanter. A decanter’s job is simply to aerate a wine, and ensure the enthusiast has the full experience a wine can offer. These decanters come in a range of different shapes – each bringing a unique element. For a beautiful gift that still serves a purpose, a decanter is a perfect choice.

We don’t use decanters at the school. We will usually use an inexpensive beaker from our winemaking lab. If you are more of a “go fancy or go home” kinda person, then you should check this out.

Wine Preservation System

There is nothing worse than having half a bottle go to waste after it has been opened. For anyone looking for a great gift idea, this would be it. There are various preservation systems to choose from – most of which are designed to remove the oxygen from an open bottle. These systems will ensure the wine bottle lasts a few days longer than normal.

The Coravin is a high-tech way to preserve wine. Using a large hollow needle, the device injects a food-safe gas (argon) through the cork. At the same time, the added gas pressure in the wine bottle forces wine through the needle’s hollow core and into a waiting glass of wine. This is an excellent option but is also the most expensive. Click here for the Amazon page.

Always disinfect the needle with grain alcohol before using, and always prime the device by shooting out a second of argon into the air before injecting it into the cork. When the coravin is used properly, wines can last years. This product does not work with glass or stelvin enclosures.

Argon Canister. You do not need to splurge for a Coravin to gain the benefit of using argon. Winemakers use the gas to keep oxygen away from wine, both during productions and at bottling. When combined with refrigeration, it will keep wines up to a month with any significant amount of oxidation. It is essential to keep the wine under a blanket of argon from the moment it is opened. Click here for the Amazon page.

Wine School Messenger Bag
Wine School Messenger Bag

Wine Carrier Bag

Wine carriers are an excellent gift for anyone who often takes wine to dinner parties or restaurants. What’s great is that these bags also come in various fabrics, shapes, and colors. From sophisticated leather ones to lightweight plastic ones, there is an option to suit every budget. A good pick is the OPUX, which is very well built. We don’t offer a wine carrier bag, but we have an inexpensive wine school messenger bag.

Wine Reviews

Wine Stain Remover

This is the perfect little gift that is sure to act as the ideal gift addition! There is nothing as frustrating as a wine stain – and a small bottle of wine-stain spray is so handy in these situations. These little bottles are ideal for adding other wine gifts – especially when used for a wine gift basket. They don’t work any better than other stain-removal products; they are super-fun.

So, whether you’re purchasing wine for a brand-new wine lover, or someone who has all the wine gadgets, these ideas are sure to make an impression! These wine gift ideas suit all budget ranges and will work for any wine lover! Happy shopping!

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