Chateau Boutillot 2015 “Revelations d’Hubert de Bouard” Bordeaux

Posted by Keith Wallace

Chateau Boutillot 2015 “Revelations d’Hubert de Bouard” Bordeaux

Revelations d’Hubert de Bouard

The Revelations d’Hubert de Bouard is a portfolio of wines from eight Bordeaux wineries. These are not their usual releases, mind you. They are each working with Hubert de Bouard and Yvon Mau. The former is the owner of the famous Bordeaux winery Chateau Angelus. The latter is not a person –well, he used to be a person– but a wine distributor and import company.

Chateau Angelus

A man whose own wine retails for $400 a bottle in 2019  has started a project to sell reasonably priced wines. There are several wines from this lineup available in the region. They are all good, but this one is the most interesting. It’s selling for under $10 in local Wine & Spirits Stores, which is a great value.

Chateau Boutillot 

Chateau Boutillot  is located in the large Entre-Deux-Mers region in Bordeaux. It’s is a great entry-level Bordeaux with round and expressive red fruit, front and center. The fruit darkens into cassis, and gritty tannins are evident in the mid-palate.  Pretty barrel notes fill out this delicious wine.

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