Tua Rita 2012 “Perlato del Bosco” Sangiovese

Posted by Keith Wallace

Tua Rita 2012
Tua Rita 2012 “Perlato del Bosco” Sangiovese

Super Tuscans were born on the Italian coast, and warm Maremma is the cradle of many modern wines. The region is known for massive Cabernet Sauvignon, with the depth and breadth of Napa’s Rutherford Cabs they so closely resemble. Perlato del Bosco hails from the region, specifically the town of Suvereto, overlooking Corsica across the Tyrrhenian sea.

This is different. This is fully Sangiovese, the grape of Florence and Siena. Here, though, it doesn’t offer the angularity of Chianti but is truly a Super Tuscan. The classic varietal leather notes are here. Fruit comes as dark blackberry tinged with crushed violets and is moves into bright raspberry and allspice. The complexity of this wine is profound: each sip elicits more indulgent pleasure than the last.

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