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On April 24th
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Familia Zuccardi 2013 “Q” Malbec, Mendoza

Familia Zuccardi 2013 “Q” Malbec, Mendoza

Zuccardi is a rock solid winery in Argentina. If you take a Level 3 wine course with me, I just might use this bottle or their [link id=”8739″ text=”Tempranillo”] as an example of modern Mendoza winemaking. One of my favorite points of this wine is that it is evolving vintage by vintage.  I love how Zuccardi is pulling away from the “Melted Chocolate and Licorice” profile that has become the generic uniform dressing up most Mendoza Malbecs.

The “Q” offers minerality, Earl Grey tea, and fresh wildflowers. Densely tannic are balanced with bright acidity, finishing with fresh fruit and herbs. A note of crushed honeysuckle lingers in the finish. This is a bottle well worth seeking out.