Santa Julia 2017 “Magna” Red, Uco Valley

Posted by Keith Wallace

Santa Julia 2017 "Magna" Red, Uco Valley
Santa Julia 2017 “Magna” Red, Uco Valley

José Zuccardi’s is the director of Argentina’s Familia Zuccardi winery. We’ve reviewed their wines in the past. In the 1990s, he developed a new brand, Santa Julia, which was named after his only daughter. They do keep it in the family: his son Sebastián is the current winemaker at Zuccardi.

The Details

Back in 2001, I tried their Santa Julia Reserva Merlot for the first time. It was a vanilla bomb that showed an impressive level of barrel aging; the volatile phenol vanillin is found in white oak, especially in American white oak. While impressive and bombastic, it wasn’t exactly a balanced approach, one that was geared towards a stereotypical American palate.

Over time, that oak focus has faded from its winemaking philosophy. Instead, they focus on the high-quality fruit they have in their arsenal, which is a welcome change. The Magna is the flagship wine of the Saint Julia line. It’s a  Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec blend with a dollop of Syrah in the mix. All the fruit is from the high-altitude Uco Valley.

The Wine Review

Firm structure and supple tannin underpin multiple layers of flavors. Wildflowers, fresh cherry, tobacco, and vanilla are woven into this pretty bottle. A lush and beautiful wine that outperforms its price point by a wide margin.

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