Netflix & Rosé

Posted by Keith Wallace

The other night, from the comfort of my couch and in the presence of Michael Scott, the magnificently offensive boss on “The Office,” I found myself knocked out by a cabernet franc. This was unexpected for two reasons: First, while I really enjoy Loire reds, I don’t often find myself rendered speechless by them; and second, because this wine was pink.

Over the past several years, the pink stuff has seen an upsurge in popularity akin to Jessica Simpson’s career.

But unlike the star of the Oscar-winning comedy “Employee of the Month” (honestly, see it now; it’s more profound than anything Ingmar Bergman ever directed and funnier than even the greatest Zero Mostel comedy), rosé is unlikely to leave you depressed or feeling the least bit cheap.

And better still is the fact that now that rosé has finally gained a solid foothold in the American wine market, new and unexpected varieties are suddenly available.

So go out there and buy yourself a bottle of pink Grenache from Vacqueyras, or a watermelon-hued Malbec from Mendoza, or a coppery syrah from Santa Barbara. Whatever you do, make sure to keep an open mind. And a couple of clean glasses at the ready. And the DVD box-set of the entire Simpson oeuvre. Magnifique!

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