Reserve des Vignerons 2010 Saumur Champigny

Posted by Keith Wallace

Loire valley wine review

Reserve des Vignerons 2010 Saumur Champigny

Minimalistic, fresh, and pretty, this Loire Valley red is a true gem. The fresh and bright red fruit is tied to accents of dried leaves and a forest breeziness.  Mineral notes come forward in the mid-palate with elements of iron and granite, and oyster shell. The finish comes with fresh violets and toasted clove spices. A touch of tapenade and brine finish off this light-bodied beauty.

One of the best food wines I have tasted in the past few months. I would suggest using this anywhere you typically would employ a Pinot Noir. The lengthened growing season in 2010 really worked to dispel the typical bell pepper notes that often mar this bottling.

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