Jermann 2012 “Red Angel on the Moonlight” Pinot Nero, Friuli

Posted by Keith Wallace

Jermann 2012 “Red Angel On The Moonlight” Pinot Nero Friuli
Jermann 2012 “Red Angel on the Moonlight” Pinot Nero Friuli

Pinot Nero is Italian for Pinot Noir, but the Nero is much more Italian than Pinot. Winemakers in northeastern Italy don’t typically make Pinot in the French style, as most everyone else does. So it shouldn’t surprise you that they march to a different tune, crafting light, fresh styles that offer more red fruit character and less varietal character. This is often done by blending in some Merlot or Cabernet, as Jermann has done here.

Wine Review

The nose is of lilacs and red cherries, with a touch of minerality. Flavors of tart strawberries are dominant, with secondary flavors of Asian five spice and green pepper. Fresh sweet fruit and fennel compote on the long and delightful finish.  Very fresh and light all around.

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