Domaine Vetriccie 2017 White, Ile De Beaute

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Domaine Vetriccie 2017 White, Ile De Beaute

About Domaine Vetriccie

Corsica is an interesting place. It’s an Italian island off the coast of Tuscany, but it’s a French territory.  The province often seems like a hybrid between the two cultures. It’s been a French municipality since the late 18th Century. Still, much of the grapes grown are of Italian heritage, including Nielluccio (a clone of Sangiovese), Sciaccarellu (Mammolo from Chianti), and Vermentino.

Daniel Barcelo, the current owner, and winemaker is something of a cipher. Although he worked off the island somewhere in the New World, there aren’t any online records. The dude is a winemaking ghost.

Ile De Beaute

The appellation  Ile De Beaute “Island of Beauty” covers much of the island. Domaine Vetriccie has been producing wines since 1966, and the largest on the Island, with over 120 hectares of vineyards. The winery itself is on the eastern shore in the small town of Aghione.  The winery also produces wines under the Terra d’Ortolo label.

The Wine Review

A blend of Vermentino and Chardonnay, this bottling offers a deft balance of weight and freshness. It has a mineral kick that is perfect for scallops and oysters; it has the ripeness to hold up to roast chicken and fatty tuna—aromas of wildflowers and chamomile with a kick of bright citrus. Flavors of ripe pear and melon round out this pretty bottling.

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Domaine Vetriccie 2017 White, Ile De Beaute
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  1. I thought the wine was excellent for the price, so I ordered a case of 6 from the local chain package store, though I received 2018 instead. Unpacking the box at home I discovered a large yellow jacket dead inside one corked, sealed bottle, at the bottom. So it’s very good wine, but the bottling process is lacking in quality control. I must return the case to the local package store. Looking at this bottle has made me lose my taste for wine, but trust it will return in a few days.


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