Domaine les Verrieres 2008 “Les Pierres Plantees” Coteaux du Languedoc

Posted by Keith Wallace

Domaine Les Verrieres 2008 “Les Pierres Plantees” Coteaux Du Languedoc
Domaine les Verrieres 2008 “Les Pierres Plantees” Coteaux du Languedoc

A straight line connects Bordeaux to Languedoc: Follow the Pyrenees Mountains from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. It is the narrowest point in France, a mere four-hour drive between two points, ocean to sea.

That may be why Bordeaux winemakers on holiday tend to stay. After all, it is not a world away, so they stay for a harvest or two. A few years out of cold, damp cellars of the Medoc, a few years of sunshine and olives. What could be the harm?

In my soul, that is what I hope happens when a gentleman like Olivier Groux –cellar master of Bordeaux’s beloved Château Lascombes– uproots himself for the Coteaux du Languedoc.

Wine Reviews

This is Syrah like a Doberman it a dog. Muscular and lean, and agile. The wine is varietally correct, perfect in most ways—Cassis and smoked game on the nose, with a whiff of creosote and bone marrow. Voluptuous dark fruit overlays a core of minerality and a bottom note of something delightfully vulgar.

When researching this wine, I came across a French review. Here is the Google Translate version, which is closer to a Walking Dead review than a wine note:

The fleshy wine is exposed as a human bomb chest. Corpulence is present, the tannins in mouth roll on a smooth and velvety palette, felted between wood , fruits and spices .

Corpulence is present, really?

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