De Martino 2010 Carmenere Legado Reserva, Maipo

Posted by Keith Wallace

Chilean wine review

A vanguard in the organic wine movement, De Martino has been farming organically since 1997 and has been carbon neutral for the last season. Despite that, the winery has been making great wines for the past few years.

The winery is making interesting wines, and the style has been changing over the past decade. Gone are the huge oaky beasts that they were churning out. Now, it’s more likely to see new clay amphorae than new oak barrels in their winery.

As a critic, it’s hard to get a handle on a wine when the winery is making drastic changes year to year, but it seems like they had finally settled on a house style in 2010.

The fruit does have transparency unlike most Chilean wines, with fresh bing cherries and dark fruit at the forefront. Cola and chocolate notes come in mid-palate with a striking note of sandalwood. Good finish with fig and mocha notes.

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