Barone Ricasoli 2010 “Brolio” Chianti Classico

Posted by Keith Wallace

The Castello di Brolio (the castle of Brolio) has been in the Ricasoli family since the 12th Century. Two of the family’s top wines (they produce 11) are labeled as Brolio. The top luxury bottling is named “Castello di Brolio” which is their premier Chianti Classico, and this second bottle, named “Brolio.”  The primary difference between the two is the amount of time left in oak (9 months versus 20 months).

This bottling is memorable in its own right, in a very modern and international style. The fruit is right up front, playing down the typical rusticity of a Sienna vineyard. New oak flavors of sweet vanilla and cinnamon are evident on both the nose and palate. Other notes include black tea and anise on the nose, with just a touch of new car smell. On the palate, flavors of cherry and plum are the clear winners and a finish that rides out in style. Rich and voluptuous this wine is luxurious in composition—a highly pleasurable bottle of red.

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