Wine Review: Torre Mora Cauru 2019 Etna Rosso

Posted by Keith Wallace

There are few places as beautiful and unknown to Americans as southern Sicily. It’s a place of great history (Phonecians anyone?), great vulcanology (hello, Mt. Etna!), and great wines (yo, Guisto!).

This bottling is a blend of the classic Etna grapes of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio. For years, most Sicilian wines that American’s had access to were Nero D’ Avola, which makes huge muscular wines. Unfortunately, those are not often drunk in Sicily. This bottling is much more in keeping with the Sicilian style of wine, with less obvious weight and much more finesse and balance.

On the nose, you are going to get fresh rosemary, raspberry, and allspice. The palate is mineral-clean with a spray of lemon oil over a dense mash of black and blue fruits. The finish turns into steak tartare and oxford flannel, with a quick turn into strawberry and lean-but-astringent tannins.

Wine Rating: 93 Points
Price: $13 in Pennsylvania and up to $20 elsewhere.

Torre Mora Cauru 2019 Etna Rosso
Torre Mora Cauru 2019 Etna Rosso

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