Total Wine’s Top Wino is in Congress

Posted by Keith Wallace

In 2015, Maryland’s 8th Congressional District race had a new candidate, David Trone, co-founder of Total Wine & More, started his ascent into politics. It took him another four years, but this wine-soaked millionaire is now a congressman.

Prior to moving to Maryland, Trone hailed from Delaware and was a graduate of Wharton. He and his brother took over their father’s Delaware-based store Liquor World. Rechristened Total Wine, they began to build a national chain, with a wine shop just over the PA border.

Keith Wallace, the director of the Wine School of Philadelphia, was a member of their team during the company’s early stages of growth.

“The only part of this that surprises me is that he is a Democrat” said Mr. Wallace.

Early in the original campaign, Trone had to issue an apology after reports surfaced that staffers of Total Wine posed as volunteers for opposing campaigns.

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