Private Wine Events

Posted by Keith Wallace

In 2009, the Wine School started offering private wine events. This was the press release we sent announcing this new venture. This was a very successful program, which we still run to this day: Private Wine Events.

Wine School Offers Corporate Events

July 2009, Philadelphia. Wine tasting events don’t have to be daunting, out-of-pocket affairs. Not when the Philadelphia-based Wine School offers an array of wine events at moderate prices; and, importantly, promises to bring its assured and entertaining sensibility to both large and small wine events.

Wine events are the perfect way to learn about wine and show your appreciation to staff and clients in a convivial and smart atmosphere. The spectrum of events offered by The Wine School is exemplary not only because they feature extraordinary wine instructors at the top of their game but also because one has an opportunity to choose from a range of casual, intimate 1-hour affairs to 2-hour luxury tasting galas.

Founder Keith Wallace has made it known that he selects only the most knowledgeable instructors to conduct school events. But with one caveat: Make wine fun, interesting, and enjoyable. Thus, the school’s instructors have been recognized for years for their candid insights as well as their easy-going approach to wine. Clients from PricewaterhouseCoopers to Delloite to Bank of America have praised these “wonderful introductions to the world of wine which participants still talk about 6 months after the event.”

Corporate Events, Classic Wine Tasting Events, Wine and Cheese Pairing Events, Celebrity Sommelier Talks, and Luxury Wine Galas are just a sampling of the types of affairs the school provides. Best of all, these are only the kernels from which the school’s staff works to curate events specific to a client’s needs and wants. Meaning, no matter what the size, style, and budget a client have to work with, The Wine School comes to the table prepared to deliver.

The growing interest in wine has not slowed down, and whether one wants to host a wine dinner, post-seminar gathering, or intimate office party, the school has an event that can be specifically tailored for you. So despite the recession, or despite it, do yourself and your hardworking employees a favor and set up an event today.

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