Craiglee 2007 Shiraz, Victoria

Australian wine review The cooler climate of Victoria often delivers Shiraz with more complexity and a lighter framework than other South Australian regions.  This bottle is a wonderful example of that style. Its dark violet stains the glass purple,  and it’s...

Etude 2010 Chardonnay Estate Carneros

A Chardonnay Review A high styled wine that is intended as a luxury bottling. It upholds it’s mission, just not at the high price the winery intended (we can thank Pennsylvania’s LCB for that). This is a wine that embodies Walt Whitman’s line,“every moment...

Philadelphia Inquirer: Former LCB chief comes out in favor of privatizing State Stores

The man who once had the greatest say over what alcohol Pennsylvanians could drink has thrown his support behind the effort to take that control away from government and end the State Store system.

Jonathan Newman, the former chairman of the Liquor Control Board, said Tuesday that “the stars are perfectly aligned” to privatize the sale of wine and liquor in Pennsylvania – an endeavor that has failed under three previous governors. “This is the year change is going to happen,” Newman said during a news conference at the Wine School of Philadelphia.

Newman joined House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R., Allegheny) and State Rep. Tom Killion (R., Delaware), the sponsors of the bill to privatize the LCB’s wholesale and retail operations.