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Posted by Keith Wallace

Tasting Notes from the Philly Wine Festival. To keep up to date, make sure to register for our wine newsletter. It’s free. All current wine ratings can be found on our wine blog.

As with all wine events. I am looking past the usual suspects. Seeing old acquaintances and making some new ones. Learning more than a thing or two from representatives who were not just pouring and picking up a day’s pay but actually were engaged with and articulate about the product. And even though I’d sworn to breeze through the Italian aisle…here is a sampling of some things worthy of attention.

Livio Felluga “Esperto”….a crisp, pure Friulian Pinot Grigio that expresses what the grape can be. All sorts of floral and ripe fruit aromas with a touch of honey that stays focused until a balanced, mineral-laced finish.

Jermann Pinot Grigio IGT….there’s an Alsatian savoriness in the fresh and mildly spicy aspect of this full, rich wine that hits all the varietal high notes. With the right amount of acidity and minerals to showcase its Isonzo terroir.

A pair of surprises from Geandre Imports (who are graduates of our wine courses):
Vivalda Massimiliano “Il Clumbe” Barbera d’Asti…more extraction and earth than usual for an Asti, at first sip, it comes on like a Monferrato with concentrated dark, forest fruits backed by herbs and spices. It gains depth as it goes, with bursts of acidic lift to support soft, mature fruit—a chunk of Piemonte in a glass.

Poggio al Pino “Templare”, Toscana Rosso IGT…there was enough spice and “macchia” in here to make me think it was Sardinian Cannonau…but it’s pure Sangiovese with waves of cherries, leather, mushrooms behind the deceptive opening. Power and finesse in a rich package that stays balanced throughout.

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  1. Hi Frank,

    I got a chance to taste both the Clumbe and the Templare this past week, and i thought both were fantastic. In fact, despite its uncharacteristic voluptuousness, I intend to add Il Clumbe to our wine list by the fall. I also tasted Templare’s baby brother Toscana IGT (another tentative addition) which was also very quaffable considering the price.
    I was wondering if you have tasted Cantine Paoline “Gurgo'” unoaked Cabernet Sauvignon from Sicily: I was blown away by it, and was wondering if this is a common old-world practice with Cabernet, or a progressive, modern approach toward the varietal.
    I also just tasted and fell immediately in love with Baccichetto Vittorino Refosco; do you plan on having a Refosco for the Tuscany class at the end of this month?
    This week I have a meeting with a Frappato, and hopefully with a Pignolo. Any thoughts?
    Looking forward to our next Cru class.




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