Sometimes writing up a wine adds more questions than it answers. First of all, who is the winery?  Mendoza Vineyards is the winery on record, but they are a logistics and private label/control brand company. They make wine for other wineries, not themselves.  No winery claims this as there own, which is strange: it’s gotten rave reviews.

It’s also apparently sourced from the Fairhills Vineyard in Mendoza, which is one of the very few “Fair Trade” certified vineyards on the continent. And apparently, this vineyard was planted in 1907, hence the name. All of this is amazing, and would sell a lot of wine, if a winery would step up and claim this brilliant orphan as there own.

As it stands, this bottle has been dumped into the PLCB system at $20. At first I thought this was a good deal, but after a  bit of research, I realized this was being sold for $15 in various New Jersey shops. I am still listing it here, since it is a very good wine. However, it’s a better value outside our great state. Also, shame on the PLCB for claiming this bottle was valued at $45 on their website.  It’s good, but it’s not that good.