Herencia Altes 2016 Garnacha Peluda, Terra Alta

Posted by Keith Wallace

Peluda is a crazy variant of Grenache. The translation is “Hairy Grenache” and that is quite apt: the leaves are a bit hairy on the underside, which is kinda gross when you reach in to pull out a bunch of grapes. This grape is rare, and only shows up in the Catalonia province of Spain, and it makes a very special wine. Lighter in body and more nuanced than Grenache typically is, this wine is a delicious and unique bottling.

Unlike most Grenache, this variant can take oak aging well. The wine is a contrast in styles. There is dense black fruit and a hint of tar, just like a classic Grenache; but the nose also offers up fresh flowers and a hint of earth, which is more in line with a Pinot Noir. The oak brings in a core of baking spices atypical of Spanish Grenache, and its full-bodied presence is contrasted with a fresh jolt of acidity.

Rating: 91 Points | Purchased for $11.99 in Pennsylvania, but a great value up to $20.

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