History has just been made! A privately-owned wine shop just opened in Philly, the first since 1919.  It’s a small step, but an important one in the privatization of wine sales in Pennsylvania.

I am happy to be their wine buyer. Right now, I am focused on delivering high quality wines that offer good value, and that means stocking wine from small family-run wineries. Want a $40 bottle of syrah for $20? I have two for you: Adelsheim and Truchard.  There are plenty of other gems in the selections (as well as a few box wines and some pink moscato… yikes!)

Right now it’s a tiny wine shop, only about 100 selections. I’ll be expanding and diversifying the portfolio as the kinks get worked out.  If you are in the area,check out the Richmond Bottle Shop located at 2497 Aramingo Avenue in Port Richmond.  Let me know what you think. And buy a few bottles while you are there. Baby steps…

Keith Wallace
Founder, Wine School of Philadelphia
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My consulting for this wine shop is pro-bono. The agreement is for them to hire a Wine School graduate once the store is profitable.