I don’t know why this wine is named Capucine. Was it named after the French actress who live about an hour away? Or Refuge Capucine, a dog shelter near the winery? Or the local bistro sharing the name? No idea.

Regardless, this a great dinner-at-home wine. Round and a bit dirty, this bottle is a go-to for pizza and BBQ in my house. A lot of wines from this part of France show their Roman roots, and this one is no different. While it may be sacrilege in parts of South Philly, this bottle works particularly well with Italian gravy.


My Bacchus Selections!

Every month, I scour the PLCB to find great wines at great prices. My rule of thumb is that I don’t recommend anything unless the price is below retail by 20% and it’s an excellent bottle of wine.

Sadly, that job is getting harder and harder. The PLCB is increasing prices while also purchasing lower quality wines. What used to take eight hours now takes three days.

So this month I am doing something differently. I’ve talked with a friend who runs an online wine company, Bacchus Selections, and they are going to carry wines I select. They have agreed to ship to Pennsylvania (or anywhere, actually) and price the wines at least 20% under retail.

For the first three wines, I chose three that are personal favorites of mine. They are eclectic, but they are awesome wines that people really should be drinking.

Oh, by the way, as with all newsletter items, I don’t get paid for this. This is a service I like to provide for students and supporters of the Wine School (and to be honest, is a lot more fun than writing facebook updates). If you and other readers like this idea, then I will continue making these types of recommendations in the newsletter.